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FACE Tournament

Edition 20

  • started in the end of Dezember 2018
  • since Edition 16 there is a new TC 40/4 (adapted to CCRL) … for more … look here Conditions

Ed20-Division I Bonus


  • inclusive Bonus
    • special guest: Brainfish, Stockfish dev, Stockfish 9, Roc 1.0, Gull dev (author: Vadim Demichev, modified by Roman Korba -
    • new versions: Xiphos 0.5, Pedone 1.9 (released after Division I was started)

Ed20-Division I


  • order of starting
    • from last Edition Div A-1-8: Stockfish, Kommodo, Ethernal, Fizbo, Booot, Xiphos, Andscacs, Gull
    • from last Edition Div A 9-12: Laser, Nirvana, Nemerino, Pedone
    • from last Edition Div B 5-8: Vajolet, Hannibal, ICE, Senpai
    • Joker entry: Schooner
    • from Edition Division II 1-3:

Ed20-Division II


  • order of starting
    • from last Edition Div B 9-12: Arasan, Texel, SmarThink, Wasp
    • from last Edition Div C 7-12: Demolito, BobCat, Deuterium, Ex, Amoeba, Brain
    • from last Edition Div D 7-8: Pirarucu, Protector
    • from Edition Div III 1-8:
  • results
    • the best 3 are promoted to Division I

Ed20-Division III


  • order of starting
    • from last Edition Div D 9-12: Crafty, Cheng, Scorpio, Zuri
    • from last Edition Div E 5-12: Tucano, Togo, Atlas, Rodent, Dirty, Baron, DayDreamer, Gaviota
    • from last Edition Div F 6-8: RuyDos, DisasterArea, Octo
    • from Edition Div IV 1-5:
  • results
    • the best 8 are promoted to Division II

Ed20-Division IV


  • order of starting (engines rated below ProDeo 2.2 at CCRL 40/04-list must be open source and >2500 Elo)
    • from last Edition Div F 9-12: Godel, RofChade, Prodeo, Tornado
    • from last Edition Div G 6-12: Rubi, Marvin, Karballo, RedQueen, Greko, Wyld, Phalanx
    • from last Edition Div H 5-8: NoroGrace, Delocto, Danasah, Monolith
    • taken out last Edition Div H 9-13: Donna, Maverick, Gnu, tomitank, Winter
    • new entries: Donna, tomitank, Winter (new versions) and Gogobello, Pawny, Shield
  • results
    • the best 5 are promoted to Division III
    • Pawny and Shield were disqualified, cause doing much more than 10 per cent timeforefeited games

Edition 1 to Edition 19

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