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FACE Tournament

How It Works

Here is why the FACE tournament works the way it does:

  • The starting order of Edition 1 was the result of former tournaments (mostly with blitz 2 + 4) which were not published. Some people have requested results and games, but all records were lost in a data-crash when the hardware system was changed. Recovery attempts were made - see here: … Prehistoric
  • When the tournament was reduced to free available engines only, the new divisions became sparse, because all commercial and private engines were gone. Engines needed to be advanced to close the gaps. Because an Edition 1 starting order needed to be established, playoff games in the first edition caused direct promotions. This quickly established the new divisions for the 40/5 time control.

Tournament Rules


  • not a fully league-system
  • the higher division waits for the promoted engines to fill up its participants.
  • tournaments start with lowest division then climb up to next higher division, and so on… up to Division 1

Number of participants

  • please look at current tournament

Promoters and Demoters

  • please look at current tournament

Joker entries

  • when an edition is already started new engines also can be set in a fitting division as joker entries

Which GUI is used?

  • engine must run stable under Arena-GUI
    • stable means no illegal moves and not more than 3 timeforfeits in first 10 rounds

How much engine per author take part?

  • only one engine is allowed per author

Do derivates or clones take part?

  • decision is made by tournament-master

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