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FACE Tournament

  • here on RONs webside for some reasons my permissions are gone to upload files like csv, dat, txt

cause it seems RON has retired from this hobby, I dont want to ask him to change my permissions

  to be prepaired - I am going to create things of my own

  • actually this side is used as a backup

my own server is behind a ip6 light router - therefore I am using an ip-provider, thats why there is a portnumber in url

  download is around 55 mbit/sec
  sometimes my server goes to deep sleep … so please click more often to make it awake - or try some time later
  • in case RON put these webside down, I can easily switch backup to main

when this will happen the adding of portnumber in URL will be gone, also deepsleep will be switched off

* if there are problems please contact me in CCC Forum (user name = gerhard)

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