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Update Information: November 15, 2016 (Updates)

by Ron @, Tuesday, November 15, 2016, 19:50

Engine Updates

AdaChess 2016-11-08-pre (XB)
Ada source; Linux, Win
- this is a pre-release (aka: beta or developmental build)

Andscacs 0.88015 (UCI)
mp (128 cores max); multi-PV; Syzygy ebtb support; Win
- new Linux compile released (homepage) (Linux compile)

Bobcat 8.0 (UCI)
C source; mp; Win

Chess(4) 1.3 (UCI)
new chess engine by David Cimbalista
C++ source; Win
- horrendously named engine, the 4th of its ilk

ChessV 0.95 (XB)
C++ source (MSVC); Win; variants; normal chess command: xboard /fcp='ChessV_WinBoard "Orthodox Chess"' /fd=ChessV /xreuse
- first update in 7 years

Deepov 0.4 (UCI)
C++ source; Linux & Win
- Linux build for first time

Fire 5 (UCI)
mp(64 threads); multiPV; FRC; Linux, Mac, Win; Syzygy egtbs
- added FRC

Galjoen 0.33 (XB/UCI)
C++ source; limit strength; uses Polyglot books; Linux, Win
- limit strength option added
- "large increase in playing strength"

Giraffe 20161023 (XB)
Linux, Win; supports Gaviota egtbs
- silent update, version number unchanged
- bugfix release (direct link)

Tony Mokonen Win32 builds
GnuChess6 6.2.4 TM (XB/UCI)
C++ source; mp; limit strength; Linux, Mac, Win; supports Syzygy egtbs
- new Win32 build

Houdini 5.01 (UCI)
commercial; mp [6 threads (std) or 32 threads (pro)]; multiPV; FRC; limit strength; supports Nalimov, Gaviota, and Syzygy EBTBs; Win
- first update in 3 years

Ippos 0.1.27 (UCI)
'new' engine by serial engine derivative developer Roberto Munter (Elektro[Igorrit], DeepSaros[IvanHoe], Chess 4.1[GNUchess], Vitruvius[IvanHoe], Akkad[IvanHoe])
Linux, Win; Ippolit 0.80 derivative
- 64-bit builds only (direct link)

Michael Byrne builds for Mac
- CFish
- Stockfish (CFish) (Stockfish)

Neurone XXVI (XB)
multiPV; Win; requires .NET runtime (G-Sei)

Sayuri 2016.11.13 (UCI)
C++ source (Japanese comments); mp (up to 64 threads); Linux, Mac, Win

SDChess Linux builds
- new Linux64 build for Crafty 25.2
- new Linux64 build for GnuChess6 6.2.4
- new Linux64 build for Protector 1.6.0 (older version, current is 1.9.0)
- new Linux64 build for Zevra 1.1 r227

Soberango 0.09.0 (XB)
- added quiescence search

WyldChess 2016.11.13 (XB)
C source; Linux, Win

Zevra 1.1r227 (UCI)
new engine by Oleg Smirnov
C++ source; Linux, Win (SDChess download) (source)

Chess News

Arena Chess GUI (XB/UCI)
free Chess GUI with glitzy appearance, w/ 6 engines, GUI opening books, GUI egtb, & more
- a new Linux version is available (direct link) (homepage)

Chess for Android 5.2.5 (XB/UCI)
Aart Bik's free GUI + chess engine for Android (blog) (homepage and old downloads)

CrazyWa 0.1.0 (XB)
new engine by H G Muller
- plays Crazyhouse variant only

CT800 firmware 1.01
open-source dedicated chess computer software

FACE Little Bullet List - Stockfish 8 results
Gerhard has some additional results

Frank's Chess Page
- Frank's rating list has been updated

Lucas Chess 10.07.2
"play chess against the computer with increasing levels of difficulty and with a limited number of hints that are given by a chess tutor"
Python source; Win32
- contains 36 engines
- also available as a portable build (homepage)

Natch 3.0
Derives game history from given position (aka: proofing, see )

Norm Pollock site
PGN, EPD & TXT Utility Suites and Opening Book PGN Databases
- modified PGN program: ecoExtract, pairSplit, nameList
- new PGN program: eco500 - splits pgn into 500 files based on ECO A00-E99

SALC Opening Book
new book by Stefan Pohl
- available as 10 moves deep and 12 moves deep
- opposite-side castling only

SWIPS Tournament Manager
new software by Peter Truchan
- create/manage/publish chess tournaments including their results
- the basic SWIPS edition is freeware

Chess Programming Blogs

Nothing new today

Updated Wiki Pages

Norbert Raimund Leisner updates

Engine GUI List

GUI Protocol List


Linux Engine List

Macintosh Engine List

Mobile Chess List

Variants Engine List

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