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Mobile Chess List

This is a compilation of software and other chess tools for mobile equipment like Pocket PC´s, iPhones etc. -

Alphabetical Index

Acid Ape Chess for Android - Acid Ape Studios

Alfil for Android - Enrique Sanchez Acosta

Android Simple Chess - Europe Echecs

Arberg Chess for S60 series - Jesper Arberg

Bagatur - Chess Art for Kids (Android) - Krasimir Topchiyski

Banksia - Big Chess database for iPhone / iPad - Nguyen Pham

Beamable Chess for Palm OS / Pocket PC´s - Webfoot Technologies, Inc.

BlueChess for iPad - George Merchant

CalculonX Chess Engine - Java ME Version - Barry Smith

Caligula for Pocket PC´s - Pedro Castro Elgarresta

CEBoard for Pocket PC´s - Alain Zanchetta

Chess - Adam Berent / 3583 Bytes, Canada

Chess - Google - Jeroen Carolus

Chess - Analyze This (Pro) - Asim Pereira

Chess Apps - Optime Software LLC

ChessBase Online for Android - ChessBase GmbH

Chess Buddy for Java enabled phones - website

Chess Conquest -

ChessCraft for Android - Stuart A. Spence

ChessDB for iPhone / iPod touch / iPad - Owen Lin

Chess Engine Bundle for Android - Jim Ablett

Chess / Checkers / Reversi for Android - Aart J.C. Bik

Chess for phones, see "supported devices" - Odesys LLC

Chess Free for Android - AI Factory Ltd - Google

Chess Free iPhone - Optime Software

Chess Free - with coach for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch - Christophe Théron

ChessGenius mobile versions - Richard Lang

Chess PGN Master for Android - Google - Gerhard Kalab

Chess O for iPhone / iPod touch (including a library) - Matthew Purland

ChessPartner - Lokasoft

Chess Play & Learn for iPad / iPhone / iPod touch -

Chess Tiger - Christophe Théron

Chess Tournament for Android - Javiolo, Spain

Chiron for Android

Critter for Android - Richard Vida

DanaSah for Pocket PC´s - Pedro Castro

Dark Knight - Android application for Honeycomb tablets - darktemplar824

Deep Chess for Android - Lachezar Balgariev

Delfi for Windows Smartphones / Pocket PC´s - Dr. Fabio Cavicchio / MSB Software

Demolito for Android - Lucas Braesch

Dinosaur Chess for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch - Universis Technology Ltd

Double Chess for Palm OS Handhelds - NonVi Games, Inc.

DroidFish - Google - Peter Österlund, Sweden

Ethereal for Android - Andy Grant

Feringa for Palm OS platforms - based on OpenChess - mjoerg

Follow Chess for Android / iPod / iPad - Google - Asim Pereira

GNU Chess - GNU Project

Hawk Chess for Android - Google - Digitalhawk, U.K.

HIARCS mobile versions - Mark Uniacke

Honzovy šachy for Android - Jan Nemec

IntelliChess for Pocket PC - Intorine

iPhone gamez (including iPhone Chess) - Per Digre

Komodo Chess for Android

Lantern Chess - Michael Ronald Adams

Mastersoft Chess - Mastersoft Mobile Solutions

Mephisto Chess M.E. - Living Mobile

Minimardi for Android - Juan Pablo Fernandez

Mobialia Chess for Android - Mobialia Project - Carballo Chess Engine

MobiChess, a classical chess game for J2ME-enabled mobile phones - Sergey Romas

MobileChessBoard - application to run on a Java enabled cell phone like Nokia: 3600, 6230i, 6630 and Sony Ericsson: K510i, K750i - SprinterSB

Mobirix Corporation

Odesys - Odesys LLC

Olmi Chess -

OpenChess for Palm OS - Olaf Richter

pbchess for Amazon Kindle / DX / Touch / Paperwhite - SourceForge - Sergey Vlasov

Pedone for Android - Fabio Gobbato

Pocket Fritz - ChessBase GmbH - no longer available

Pocket Grandmaster for Smartphones / Pocket PC´s - Frank Schneider / Kai Skibbe

Pulsar Chess - Michael Adams

Pure Chess for iPad / iPhone / iPod touch - Google - Ripstone Ltd

Rival Chess for Android - Chris Moreton - Google - netAdapt Ltd

Rotor - Jan Brouwer

Sakk Ingyenes (Freeware Chess) for iPad / iPhone / iPod touch - Tamás Kuzmics

Sayuri for Android - Ishibashi Hironori

Scid on the go - a browser for Android - Gerhard Kalab

Scid Pocket - Pascal Georges / Shane Hudson / Eric Hussold

Senior Chess for Android - Leen Ammeraal

Shogi 5 x 5 - MiniShogi for iPad / iPhone / iPod touch - Yoshikazu Kakinoki

Shredder mobile versions - Stefan Meyer-Kahlen

SmallChess - Ted Wong

SmartChess for iPad / iPhone / iPod touch - Smart Learning Inc

SparkChess Pro - Media Division SRL

Spartak Chess (based on Stockfish) for Symbian S60 3rd Edition and Dingoo A320 Native OS - Djdron

Spruce Chess for Java OS - Spruce Technologies

Stockfish - SF Team

tChess (versions Lite and Pro) for iPhones / iPods touch - Tom Kerrigan

The Chess Crazy Bishop for iOS ~ iPad / iPhone / iPod touch - Rémi Coulom / UNBALANCE Corporation

TJchess for Android - Tony Hecker

TSCP for Mobile ThinkerBoard - Pedro Castro Elgarresta

Virutor Chess for Android - Vaclav Vavra

Statements about iOS by Apple

H.G. Muller The mobile operation system iOS does not allow one process (the GUI) to invoke another (the engines). That would make it only feasible to have a Chess app if the GUI and engine are merged into a single program. But that is not compatible with a GUI being able to run multiple programs, which would be essential for doing tournaments. It in fact would make it impossible for a GUI to run any WinBoard or UCI engine, as such engines are by definition separate processes.

Julien Marcel Apple interdit l'utilisation de binaires externes à un programme pour les applications iOS.

Ted Wong Unlike the Android operating systems, iOS apps will never be able to offer anything like Droidfish or Chess For Android. The technical limitation has been imposed by Apple that it's impossible to spawn an engine thread dynamically. What this means is that it's not possible to start a chess engine in the traditional sense as you see on Android or PCs. A chess engine must be statically compiled with any iOS chess app. This limitation is one of the main selling points of the iOS operating systems - stronger security. Imagine if a chess app can spawn a chess engine, any other app can also download a virus can run it on the user's device.

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