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Engine GUI List

Here is a list of standalone engines that support WinBoard/UCI protocol, have their own built-in GUI (respectively are delivered with other interfaces) and do not require additional front-ends - see Chessforeva with a collection of well-known programs (Javascript)

Alphabetical Index

  • Absolute Zero - proprietary interface without commandline parameter -u (for UCI-protocol)
  • Fairy-Max / MaxQi / ShaMax
  • Tiffanys - SJCE by Roman Koldaev a.k.a harp07 - commandline parameter xboard (for WinBoard-protocol)
  • Weini - GUI is WinBoard by Alessandro Scotti / H.G. Muller / Tim Mann
===== Contributors =====

Thanks to Norbert Raimund Leisner for creating this list! Additional information from: Lex Domingo.

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