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Update Information: October 22, 2016 (Updates)

by Ron @, Saturday, October 22, 2016, 18:51

Engine Updates

Andscacs 0.872.15 (UCI)
mp (32 cores max); multi-PV; Syzygy ebtb support; Win
- this is an unofficial release
- added Syzygy ebtb support
- "is maybe 20-25 Elo stronger in self play, without counting Syzygy" (direct link)

Booot 6.1 (UCI)
Pascal source (Russian language comments); mp; Win
- "my quick self-test shows >50+ Elo points improvement on single core"
- smp added (SDChess) (direct link)

Peter Österlund builds
Crafty 25.1 PO (XB)
C++ source; mp; limit strength; Linux, Mac, Win
- supports Linux 32/64-bit and win (source)

SDChess builds for Linux
Crafty 25.1 SD (XB)
C++ source; mp; limit strength; Linux, Mac, Win
- a new Linux build of current version, probably 64-bit (source) (SDChess download)

Embla 0.9.5 (UCI)
mp (INT_MAX cores); supports Polyglot opening books & Syzygy ebtbs; Linux, Mac, Win
- added support for Polyglot opening books

Ghost 3 Beta 2016.10.15 (XB)
Linux, Win
- the Beta 3 version has been updated
- the Beta 3 vesion adds smp as a feature
- this is a slow 3MB download
- "Ghost 3 should be a stronger engine than Ghost 2"

SDChess builds for Linux and Mac
GnuChess6 6.2.3 (XB/UCI)
C++ source; Linux, Mac, Win; directly based on Fruit 2.1 code
- new builds of current version for Linux and Mac (SDChess)

K2 0.87 (XB/UCI)
C++ source; Linux, Mac, Win & Android (source + downloads) (SDChess download)

Skiull 0.1 (UCI)
new engine by Tony Soares
Linux & Win
- "the name Skiull comes from putting together Skill and Skull"
- written in C, no source code provided
- there have been several changes to the download package, but the version number remains unchanged (announcement)

Peter Österlund builds
Texel 1.07 Alpha 6 PO (UCI)
C++ source; mp; multiPV; supports Syzygy egtbs; Linux, Mac, Win
- this is an unofficial alpha build

WyldChess 2016.10.22 (XB)
C source; Linux, Win (Win exe files) (homepage)

Chess News

Chess Artist 0.1.0
Python script PGN annotator
- can use Stockfish or Brainfish engines

Cinnamon Perft 0.0.1
by Giuseppe Cannella
Cinnamon perft code in C++ ported to Rust programming language

Fishbook Opening Books
- Book names: Neutral, Active, Dynamic

Noomen Chess Opening book
by Jerome Noomen
- in ctg format
- updated version

Norm Pollock site
PGN, EPD & TXT Utility Suites and Opening Book PGN Databases
- modified PGN program: resultList (outres3 bug fixed)
- modified & renamed TXT programs: txtNoRep (formerly txtNoRepeat)

ProTools 1.6a
Ed Schröder's command-line tool for improving engines
- added new features
- this is a silent update, version number unchanged

SmallFish 10.0.3 Chess GUI (UCI)
free GUI with latest Stockfish engine for iOS

Chess Programming Blogs

Nothing new today

Updated Wiki Pages

Gull3/Hawkeye Test
update by Gerhard
- results after 14,000 test games

updates by Norbert Raimund Leisner:

GUI Protocol List

Linux Engine List

PGN Reader/Viewer/Writer List

Variants Engine List

Bonus Notifications (recent releases of free stuff)


- alpha releases have new features; crashes and bugs are to be expected
- beta releases have new features; they may contain bugs or crash
- release candidate software may contain minor bugs; crashes are rare

NOTE: I had an argument with Microsoft. I thought I owned my computer, they thought they did. Microsoft won the battle by cheating: they clobbered my sys admin settings. Microsoft lost the war. If I can't trust a company to do an update, how can I trust it at all? All future updates of Windows-only software will no longer be listed here.

AbiWord 3.0.2
free word processor similar to Microsoft Word

AdBlock 3.4.0
Google Chrome extension to block ads, thereby preventing malware infections
- not related to AdBlock Plus

Amanda Network Backup 3.4.0
open source, cross-platform admin tool for network backup

Austrumi 3.5.2
Linux distro based on Slackware; FVWM desktop; #83 in popularity
- OS & all applications run in RAM, making it fast

CoreOS 1122.3.0
Linux rolling-release server distro based on Gentoo; command-line interface; #71 in popularity

DragonFly BSD 4.6.1
a cutting-edge distribution based on FreeBSD 4, enhanced with a high performance
HAMMER journaling filesystem; virtual kernels that are inherently deadlock-free;
desktops: Awesome, Fluxbox, JWM, KDE, Openbox, WMaker, Xfce; #74 in popularity (homepage) (unique features) (iso download)

Firefox 49.0.2
popular, free, open source browser (homepage)

Go Programming Language 1.7.3
statically-typed, compiled, simple C-like language with type inference and more

Google Chrome 54.0.2840.71
Google Chromium 54.0.2840.71
popular cross-platform web browser
- Chromium is fully open-source, Chrome has propietary extensions to enhance Google profits (Chromium) (Chrome)

GParted Live 0.27.0-1 Stable
open source Gnome Partition Editor - resize, move, copy, check, label your hard drive's partitions
understands most file systems including all for Windows and Linux (homepage) (project page)

Facebook's open-source replacement/improvement of the PHP programming language
- HHVM programs run much faster than PHP programs
- package includes the Hack programming language, version 3.15.0

Java 8, Update 112
update of Java runtime environment and development kit (JRE or JDK)
- it is important to disable the Java plugin in your browser, or bad things may happen to you!

Jenkins 2.26
cross-platform, open source, continuous integration server for developers
- automates the building/testing process

KDevelop 5.0.2
cross-platform IDE primarily supporting C++, PHP, Python and QML/JS
- now uses Clang compiler for C/C++ parsing & error messages
- supports new Qt5 libraries (homepage) (announcement)

Linux Kernel 4.8.4
- the Linux kernel has been updated

MariaDB 5.5.53 Stable
open source fork of MySQL; completely compatible w/MySQL; w/extra DB engines & extra features
"MariaDB is a binary drop-in replacement for MySQL"
MariaDB restores several significant features that Oracle has dropped from MySQL
- gaining popularity from MySQL, a work-alike competitor with fewer features
- 5.x version stays in sync with MySQL 5.x; version 10 is an improved version of it (homepage) (extra features vs MySQL) (What is MariaDB 10?)

Parrot Security OS 3.2
Linux distro based on Debian(testing); MATE desktop; #63 in popularity

Solus 1.2.1
Independent Linux distro; Budgie desktop; #24 in popularity

Vim 8.0.0045
open-source, cross-platform configuarable text editor and lightweight IDE

VirtualBox 5.1.8
open source, general-purpose, full virtualizer for x86 and AMD64/Intel64 hardware
runs on Windows, Linux, Macintosh and OpenSolaris as host
install one or more guest operating systems onto the same computer (list of guest operating systems) (changelog) (homepage)

Whiley 0.4.3
open-source, cross-platform, general-purpose programming language for the jvm

Meaning of Colors

Red = New or Warning
Green = Updated
Gray = Info Only

Engine List:
Chess News:

NOTE: If you want me to track a website for you, please email me and I will add it.
ron _at_ computer-chess _dot_ org

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