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PGN Reader/Viewer/Writer List and miscellaneous tools

A collection of chess software to handle the Portable Game Noatation (PGN) for different purposes like publication, editing etc.

Note that many Chess GUIs (for example Winboard/XBoard, Shredder, Chessbase, etc) also have PGN capabilities.

Alphabetical Index

  • En Passant by Eric Bentzen with a collection of chess tools, e.g. section “Readers and Viewers”
  • MyChess Viewer by Michael Keating - this site contains trainings (openings/endgames) and an online chess database, too
  • PGN ChessBook by Norman Solomon - includes a database and an integrated chess engine
  • PGN Mentor by 64 Squares (shareware; demo version has some built-in restrictions)
  • Polyglot section by Fonzy Bluemers (ChessPartner-GUI layouts, DLL to use Pro Deo Books, WB2UCI, WB232c.exe)
  • Video Chess Game by Herbert Dye - click there on “Game Viewer” (for online-play) or select the option “Play Your Own Game”

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