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Someday List checked up to (and including) Durandal

move all engines from 2007 to Dead Engine List and delete 2007 entry

— Engine Download List delete Feuerstein

upload and add: beekay-1078.and.1076.r1.01_w64.7z blunderer-1.1.7z — not a serious engine deep.bug-1.0_wb.exe fusch-1.09.exe


Norbert site: | Norbert Raimund Leisner

Tony Mokonen site: | Tony Mokonen

[Private Engine List]

CyberNezh by ??? private

Gadget Hans van der Zijden

Gingko 2.1 Frank Schneider

Hypernova 1.0 Kupriyan Golubev UCI

StoofVlees Gian-Carlo Pascutto private

[Someday Announcement Engine List]

Yerba Chess by Nicholas Soetaert UCI, Go

[Source Code Only List]

Nameless 1.4k 64-bit by P.Kumar (Link?)

[main list]

[Norbert changes]

— [reference] | Norbert Raimund Leisner —

Dead Engine List



you can add (Italian website) - v3.8.2 download link cf. SDChess

link is to a very old version


you can add v0.7.2 Development Edition - is my Google Drive download link

I do not list developmental versions

2018/12/07 Stockfish - > you can delete official source - it is only a fork

this 'fork' is the official repository. The mcostalba repo contains older code.

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