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Play Chess Online List

This is intended to be a complete list of all publicly available PC-based GUIs that can play chess against other humans or against engines using proprietary communication methods.

Name Remarks
1 Chess portal for online chess - long games respectively matches with time control
Ajaxchess It started as a feasibility project to see how Javascript could do in Chess, then languished until Chrome came along
Alpha Chess allows playing a local (respectively online) game , e.g. match human - human or aganst the (improved) artificial intelligence
BeholderBoard virtual chess-set Perl script for playing chess together with friends and a webserver (running Perl 5) - released in the year 1999 as unsupported freeware, but now no longer maintained; Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ´s) are listed here separately - see the symbol “BeholderBoard” under Jim´s Online Chess Clun
BlackNight Chess supports network play (in realtime through TCP connection or disconnected by means of emails; requires Java 2 v1.3 or later
BlackWolf a graphical user interface for playing chess online, currently configured to connect to the Free Internet Chess Server - in the past, a limited part of the UCI protocol was implemented and so the user could play against Stockfish. It was taken out when online play was introduced and has yet to be put back. Eventually, the intention is to have full compatibility with the UCI protocol. Black Wolf can be compiled for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, but the current version contains no binaries.
BlitzIn program for Windows with a chess board - main GUI before Dasher
BrainKing an online community server which contains a variety of board games - for example over thirty chess variants
Buho21 website for online chess and many other games
Caissa´s Web free online chess server by Caissa´s Web and Valdina LLC - no additional software than a webbrowser is required main page includung applications for Android and iOS, user accounts, premium membership, technical support and FAQ´s
Chess++ multi-platform for GNU/Linux and Windows with client software, a server application, rulesets - savegames etc.
Chess Applet synonym ~ Homeostatic Chess Player which requires Java-Plug-ins for its execution
CHESSBD - SLICS shareware; package of a chess viewer (Windows) and client for Internet Chess Servers (shareware); contains tutorial walkthru and CHESSNET ACCUCLOCK (authentification is required)
Chessboard “vchessboard” - small ICS chess client (written in Java) - features include game saving as PGN and support for most commands of various ICS servers free sign-up; online community with more than 2.500.000 members around the world - website contains different categories of playing chess
ChessCube requires Adobe Flash Player, real-time games, live chat rooms, cinema videos, membership (different specifications), Podcast, forum, FAQ´s
ChessD free Internet chess server that supports networked chess play (available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish)
Chess Delorie WebChess - United States Chess Federation with a link to the rules of chess ; paying members are there preferred and see no commercial advertisements
ChessDog Freeware (see section downloads) - allows playing online against real opponents; the author´s website contains a download-link to VB6 Runtime (msvbvm60.dll) website for online play, watching games, tournament broadcasting and correspondence chess; analysis function with chess engine; contains detailed profiles / statistics; multiple languages can be adjusted by users
ChessHere online-chess community including a server for real time / correspondence chess
Chess Hotel online chess community to play regular chess or FRC in realtime against players from all over the world
Chessic Freeware; MacOS X only - interface that allows playing chess against other opponents over the Internet - CNET
ChessJam online chess game for desktop application (Linux, Mac OS, Windows)- it can be directly used with the web browser
chessKIDS free online courses how to learn playing chess for kids (contains interactive chess lessons, games, puzzles etc.)
chessweb chess client/server application for playing games with human opponents over http
ChessWorld.Net dedicated correspondence style site with a forum, annotated master games, puzzle of the day and other features etc.
Cinnamon Chess Engine play with Javascript version
Comfy Chess interface based on Javascript - suited for playing on FICS or against an computer opponent
consilio an open source chess server with client
Deutscher Fernschachbund chess server especially for registered members of the BdF e.V., an incorporated society in Germany - online play on a trial basis is possible - multilingual website
Echecs Online (French language) free website for playing chess online which contains the general conditions for its use - developed in Flash with the particularity not to lose the current match
Ecere Chess 2D or 3D application for Linux / Windows (including source code) with the features “network” ~ connect to server and “host”
EmChess formely known as mChess; cross-platform email chess program - customize email notifications
FIDE online arena FIDE's (Fédération Internationale des Échecs) official Internet playing platform developed in co-operation with CNC - in October 2013, after the Executive Board meeting in Tallinn, Estonia, the fully operational version of FIDE online arena will be in service and available all over the world
Fixation Freeware for Mac (FICS/ICC/USCL) and limited support; qualified for multiple accounts on the same server; built-in timestamp program; plays variants: bughouse / crazyhouse, etc.
FlyOrDie for online-chess play; the main site contains many free multiplayer games - registered trademark of Solware Ltd
Free Internet Chess Server (FICS) huge online-community with over 300000 registered users, download-link of graphical chess interfaces for OSes like iPhone / Linux / Macintosh / Palm / Pocket-PC / Unix (generic / Windows to play, contains help function (quick guide) etc. - a tool for different purposes is WatchBot by Marcin Kasperski, other ones are Ficsteambot by Adam Stallard/Chris Moore/Tomohiko Tanabe and LogBot by Ales Dolecek - JavaBoard ~ graphical client for FICS chess servers - survey of graphical interfaces
Free Internet Correspondence Games Server for playing chess, go and poker texas holdem (organization for tournaments and world championships) - contains many features e.g. a classification of chess openings - ECO-Code from A00 to E99 - informations about membership (“terms and conditions”) are available in English and French free sign up in reference to play online-chess; basic access for life with an optional low annual fee for advanced features or more games
GGZ Gaming Zone a project for free online play (Arcade / board / card / strategy games) - suitable to glChess
Gorrion Gorrion is an online game server where people can play games of Chess, Go, Havannah, Hex, Onyx, Othello / Reversi, Pente, Unlur, Y. Other games may be added in future. Free to use, designed only for matches human vs. human.
Icarus GUI available for Windows desktop (Internet Chess Club) by Random Software - Download - Screenshot
ICC Internet Chess Club, community for online chess (including tournaments against masters) , downloads of software, commercial membership, news
ICCF website of International Correspondence Chess Federation - service URL
Ignatius Free, feature-rich Internet Chessclub client for Mac OS X
InstantChess play chess online with opponents worldwide by Talanto Technologies - no downloads are required - without registration
IntelliChess for Pocket PC online games can be played over wireless connection etc - Internet Chess Club
InterChess freeware for Windows - a FICS chess playing interface)
IRC Chess application that requires Java and is suited to playing chess over IRC - supports Irrsi client and XChat for Linux/Windows
It´s Your Turn Inc. free server for chess, checkers, backgammon, reversi and many other games
JChessBoard written in Java; connects to another JChessBoard via TCP/IP directly - no internet chess server is required; full-featured PGN viewer and editor
JECmate application (written in Java) to manage games which are played by (e-)mail, interface for third-party chess engines
Jhess email-real time chess system (combination) which allows seamless switching between correspondence and real time chess; both players can be online or offline at the moment
Jin graphical client for chess servers for Windows, Mac & Linux - SourceForge
JOGRE abreviation for “Java Online Gaming Real-time Engine”, an open-source project with chess client/server and multi-player properties, see Features
JS Chess application by Bluefever Software to play chess online
Kasia Linux program which allows to play chess with another person over any TCP/IP connection (Internet, or a local network) - PGN & FEN support
Kastling Kastling is an advanced chess interface for Linux written in Qt; it supports playing on FICS and PGN games - you need Qt 4.6 for compiling - SourceForge
Kibitz Interface for the Free-Internet-Chess-Server (FICS) running natively under Mac OS X / Cocoa. Features implemented in current (pre-alpha) version: Playing and observing chess games on FICS - Observing multiple games etc.
Kingchess software component (KDE4 desktop interface) to the homonymous server
Lightning Rulez a graphical interface for FICS - modified version of WinBoard ~ “premoving” feature a platform by Eden City AG from Switzerland for playing chess and other board / card games etc; you cannot adjust the settings (exception: size of the board); application allows chatting during the game
Macbeth FICS client for OS X - it supports almost all FICS game types like Suicide, Losers, Wild and Crazyhouse and saves your games automatically - GitHub
MKGI Chess Club chess server with web interface, player profile management; full html email notification with embedded board display; matches against engines are possible, too
Mobi FICS / ICC chess client for handheld mobile devices (generally Java MIDP 2.0); see Download
Mobialia application for Android and HTML5 interfaces by Alberto Alonso Ruibal, FICS/ICC, PGN, 2D/3D board, chess problems and a lot of other features; Carballo Chess included - Google
MobileThinkerBoard freeware for Pocket PC´s - supports playing on Internet Chess Servers like FICS / ICC
MultiplayerChess website for playing online-chess against human opponents or artificial intelligence platform for online play; legacy website contains database, training and chess viewer]]
n8Chess.Net a customizable/themed online web-based chess server software for playing games with other people; PHP based using MySQL
NetChess software for playing chess with opponents over the internet / intranet or on the local computer - Screenshot
netchess client/server-system for playing chess against each other over a network - server can support multiple games etc.
Nightmare Online chess client by Walters Baumaris for Linux / Mobile / Windows - offline play is possible, too
Odesys Chess(Lite) Shareware features a FICS client for online play created for Smartphones
Olmi Chess a Pocket PC program, for Windows Mobile (Pocket PC + Phone Edition), contains playing list, viewing/analysis of games, FICS
OpenUCI-Chess Engine Platform website contains e.g. Flash Chess/Chess Applet and Mobile Chess (including reference to 16 th World Computer Chess Championship)
Papageorge Simple client for the Free Internet Chess Server
PhoneChess application that allows playing chess games via email for Smartphones; text is completely in French; manual utilization: see the link “PhoneChess” with a specified description of this procedure (login - dialog box - game - viewing - rebuilding of an answer etc.)
PlayOK platform for online chess and a lot of other board-/cardgames
PocketGrandmaster shareware (but free evaluation version exists) for Windows Mobile PDA´s; FICS/ICC - client; program with features like opening book / tactical testsuite and additional chess engines for download; “light” version for a lower price is available
Potatochess network chess game for Unix; server-client-system
Queen Talk Chess friend-to-friend chess program for FreeBSD / Linux / Mac OS X / Solaris / Windows which uses TCP/IP - Screenshot
Red Hot Pawn free for playing correspondence chess online against your friends and other members - no further downloads are required
Reti Chess Reti Chess is an open source chess app built in Node.js with use of Express framework and Socket.IO - it also uses chess.js for move validation and check/mate/draw detection
rgXnetchess server-client network chess program for X-Windows / Linux / Qt-library
SchemingMind online correspondence chess club (non commercial orginazation) with a free service for an introductionary period - trial account is limited to 50 games - then: an annual membership fee is payable - belongs to the British Federation for Correspondence Chess (BFCC)
SimpleChess for real-time chess, play vs. computer and tactics training
SkyChess project of the University Hanoi (Vietnam) with jar.executable-file; it is created to play a game with your partner in LAN
skypeChess chess game between skype-contacts
SNChessPlayer Java-platform for online-playing chess - "échecs en ligne"
SparkChess has three levels: beginner - intermediate - advanced; online challenge (multiplayer service); download of the full version is commercial
Thief Free client to play on chess servers (Bughouse is supported, too); Windows / WINE
Toledo Javascript Chess Engine a website with two chessboards, see Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez - author from Toledo Nanochess
Tonic Free client to play on FICS chess servers which is is based on Jin's source code - Blogspot
TryChess multiplayer online chess game; client written in PHP5; with chat, informations about moves, scorelists and currently players online - Screenshot
UmmiteChess VC++ 2003 NET Chess Engine which is connectable over a chess server and working in Windows
Varese Electra a database and graphical interface for FICS which supports Linux / Mac OS X / Windows
V-Chess board game for playing chess via Internet; V-Chess Viewer for iPod and iPad
Versus Chess for online play which requires EDGE, 3G or WiFi
Visir for Mac OS X - Visir for PC Visir Homepage - abreviation for Varlets Internet Schach In Real-Basic
w3-Chess created for playing chess via mail and web - Website
wowchess Java chess game - playing against the engine or other users - rewind games forward and backward - replay the game on demand - RelaxChess
wxAjedrez program for playing chess on ICC with chat function - observing / examining of games are possible, too
XBoard - Nokia application for Nokia N800 - based on version 4.2.7
XChatter advanced chatting client with connection to AiCP and features like over network chess/checkers, user defined aliases and timers; contains file transfers
Yafi free ICS client program for mobile phones - written in Java MIDP 2.0; files with the formats “Java Application Description” (JAD) and “Java ARchive” (JAR) are required to run it on computers; sought, seek and match screens for finding opponents
YICS connection to the Yahoo! chess server; emulates a chessd based-server; compatible to the ICS-interfaces WinBoard/XBoard, eboard and Thief on Yahoo!
ywanes Java chess application with chatroom and visible IP-address
Zillions of Games Commercial, but restricted demoversion allows access to 48 of over 350 game variants; plays between copies of this software over the Internet and DirectPlay connection (to dial via modem is possible); uses its own interface protocol that is publicly documented to external engines; can use a dropin DLL engine; old Fritz package is included into an unreleased version of this software

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