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Update Information: November 3, 2016 (Updates)

by Ron @, Friday, November 04, 2016, 00:48

Engine Updates

Andscacs 0.88 r1 (UCI)
mp (128 cores max); multi-PV; Syzygy ebtb support; Win
- added Syzygy ebtb support
- "is maybe 20-25 Elo stronger in self play, without counting Syzygy"
- max cores increased to 128

Arasan 19.2 (XB/UCI)
C++ source; own GUI, mp; multiPV; Linux, Mac, Win; can use Nalimov, Gaviota or Syzyzgy egtbs (source)

Carballo 1.7 (UCI)
Java source; cross-platform; own GUI; supports Polyglot books

Crafty 25.2 (XB)
C++ source; mp; limit strength; Linux, Mac, Win; supports Syzygy egtbs (source) (25.2 MB binary for Mac) (25.2 DC binary for Win) (25.2 PO binaries for Win + Linux)

Fly By Knight 0.3.5 (XB)
C++ source
- not new, but new to me
- this is (was) a source-code-only release, with no known builds

GnuChess6 6.2.4 (XB/UCI)
C++ source; Linux, Mac, Win; directly based on Fruit 2.1 code

Isa 1.9.8 (XB)
another new engine from Daniel Anulliero (DCP, Yoda, JARS)
Win64 (direct link)

Komodo 10.2 (UCI)
commercial; mp (64 threads); FRC; multiPV; Linux, Mac, Win; own GUI (Tarrasch Chess GUI); supports Polyglot opening books; supports Syzygy egtbs
- "about 22 Elo stronger than Komodo 10.1"

OliveChess 0.32 (UCI)
C++ source; Mac, Win
- not new, but new to me (downloads)

Seahorse 1.0 (UCI)
new engine by Sam Cordes
C++ source; Win64
- this engine was on the source-code-only list

(Deep) Shredder 13 (UCI)
Commercial; own GUI; Linux, Mac, Win; supports proprietary 'Shredderbase' egtbs as well as Syzygy
- last update was 6 years ago!
- current release is for Windows only
- "Mac and Linux versions will follow in a few days" [followed by Android and iOS]
- according to Ingo Bauer: "+334 Elo to Shredder 12"
- "the engine was a complete rewrite" (homepage) (Shredder 13) (Deep Shredder 13)

Stockfish 8 (UCI)
C++ source; mp; multiPV; FRC; Linux, Mac, Win; supports Syzygy egtbs (Mac builds) (CFish 8 source)

Taltos rev 111 (XB)
C source; Linux64, Win64 (source) (direct link)

Violet 4 (UCI)
Violet 276170052 (UCI)
Violet 276165934 (UCI)
- the version 4 link at the homepage is wrong, use the direct links shown below
- version numbering is difficult, there are two versions listed, both dated Oct 3 (homepage) (direct link) (direct link)

WyldChess 2016.11.01 (XB)
C source; Linux, Win
- "fixed illegal result claim for opposite side"

Chess News

Droidfish 1.63 for Android
port of Stockfish to Android platform + chess GUI
- updated stockfish engine
- added features, fixed bugs

Frank's Chess Page
- Frank's rating list has been updated

Norm Pollock site
PGN, EPD & TXT Utility Suites and Opening Book PGN Databases
- PGN program: reverted back to a previous variation: tagExtract
- PGN program: removed: tokenExtract (use tagExtract instead)

Python-chess 0.15.4
chess library written in Python

Stockfish MateFinder 8 TP (UCI)
Stockfish code altered to find mates faster
- new Win32/64 builds released
- Mac version too (source) (Mac direct link) (Win direct link) (Win direct link)

Chess Programming Blogs

Nothing new today

Updated Wiki Pages

FACE Tournament
- Gerhard has added another 2,000 test games for Gull/Hawkeye round robin tournament

FACE Tournament
- updated pages: index, gull, face, participants

Norbert Raimund Leisner updates

Linux Engine List

Macintosh Engine List

Variants Engine List

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