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Native Engine List

Alphabetical Index

  • Bayes Chess - Antonio Fernández and Antonio Salmerón, Spain (University of Almería)
  • BMCP - Benjamin Rosseaux, Germany
  • Brutal Chess - gauntalus a.k.a. Michael Cook / gyrojoe a.k.a. Joe Flint / neilpa
  • Bullucks - Folkert van Heusden, Netherlands
  • Chess Applet (Java) - Homeostatic Chess Player by Rick Wagner and Harald Schifferl, U.S.A. / Austria
    • Anaconda - Google Drive by Kai Skibbe and Frank Schneider
    • Bambam by Werner Inmann
    • Chess Tiger by Christophe Théron - no longer available
    • Comet by Dr. Ulrich Türke
    • Crafty (SMP) by Prof. Robert Hyatt
    • Doctor by Dr. rer. nat. Hans-Joachim Kraas and Dr. rer. nat. Günther Schrüfer
    • EXchess by Daniel C. Homan
    • Faile by Adrien Regimbald
    • Fritz (SMP- UCI) by Vasik Rajlich, formerly Frans Morsch and Gyula Horváth
    • HIARCS (SMP) by Mark Uniacke
    • Houdini (SMP) UCI by Robert Houdart
    • Inmichess by Werner Inmann
    • Junior (SMP) - no longer available, cf Yokohama Edition (UCI) by Amir Ban and Shy Bushinsky
    • Komodo (SMP) UCI by Larry Kaufman and Mark Lefler
    • König Schwarz / Fritz & Fertig by Björn Lengwenus and Jörg Hilbert
    • List by Fritz Reul
    • Nimzo by Dr. Chrstian Donninger
    • Pharaon (UCI) by Franck Zibi
    • Rybka (SMP) UCI by Vasik Rajlich
    • Schach dem Schweinehund by Dr. Christian Donninger - no longer available
    • Schach Genie (Data Becker), powered by Fritz - no longer available
    • Shannon by Mathias Feist
    • Shredder (SMP) by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen - no longer available
    • Sjeng (UCI) by Gian-Carlo Pascutto
    • Tao a.k.a. Yin (UCI) by Bas Hamstra
    • The Crazy Bishop by Rémi Coulom - no longer available
    • Turing by Mathias Feist and Ken Thompson
    • Young Talents (a collection of seven chess engines by different programmers) - no longer available
      • AnMon by Christian Barreteau
      • Goliath Light by Michael Borgstädt
      • Gromit by Kai Skibbe and Frank Schneider
      • Ikarus by Munjong Kolss and Muntsin Kolss
      • Patzer by Roland Pfister
      • Phalanx by Dusan Dobes
      • SOS by Rudolf Huber
    • Zap! Chess (Paderborn / Reykjavik / Zanzibar) by Anthony Cozzie - no longer available
  • ChessGenius Classic - Lang Software Ltd, UK
    • ChessGenius Millenium Chess System (Gold Collection - WM-Paket 2000) by Richard Lang - no longer available, DOS Edition
    • NimzoWerkstatt Millenium Chess System by Dr. Chrstian Donninger - Google Drive
    • Shredder Millenium Chess System by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen - no longer available
    • WChess 2000 Millenium Chess System by David Kittinger - Google Drive
    • Zarkov Millenium Chess System by John Stanback - Google Drive
  • Chesskell - Alen Kubati, Jiten Suthar and Sanjay Paul
  • Dragon - Aleksey Manyakhin and other programmers, now part of Chess Assistant interface
  • GChess - Gabriel da Cunha Henrich
  • KC Chess - Craig Bruce and Kevin Phillips, Canada
  • Mazette - A.D. Montero - Ribas, France
  • Monk - Wolf aka wolfware
  • Nyx - Nathan Coleman
  • saTRanc - Arbi (arbisto) and M. Serdar Soran (mssoran)
  • Tjes - Marcel Nijman, Netherlands


Thanks to Norbert Raimund Leisner for creating this list! Additional information from: Lex Domingo and Michael Diosi

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