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Java Engine List

This is a list for chess engines written in Java with executable .jar-files supporting either UCI or WinBoard. An application like JDK 7 or JRE 7 is required to run this software. Frequently Asked Questions about the programming language and computing platform Java contains the website of Oracle Corporation in California, United States of America. For FreeBSD said the support: Usually you don't manually download stuff from websites and then install them to FreeBSD. That's what the package installer “pkg” and the ports collection is intended for. The FreeBSD project maintains its own package repositories independent from those “Oracle” offers. For FreeBSD, there are different JDKs and JREs. When I needed one, I simply installed “diablo-jdk” and “javavmwrapper” from the ports collection. You will find JAVA related tools in the “java” category, both native for FreeBSD and for Linux ABI. That said, you could try to use the Linux JRE.

Alphabetical Index

  • Alf
  • Animats Chess
  • ArabianKnight
  • Bagatur
  • BlackAndRight
  • BremboCE
  • Calculon
  • Carballo
  • CaveChess
  • Cheoss
  • Chess4j
  • Chess22k
  • ChessBot WinBoard/UCI
  • Chess Novice
  • Chesster
  • Cuckoo Chess
  • Cupcake
  • DeepBrutePOS - POS
  • DokChess
  • Eden
  • Fischerle
  • Flux
  • Frittle - Java Frittle
  • Frank Walter
  • Gladiator
  • Javalin
  • JChecs
  • JChess
  • KennyClassIC
  • King´s Out
  • Krudo
  • Luzhin
  • MagnumChess
  • Mediocre
  • OliThink
  • Presbyter
  • Pulse Chess
  • Pyotr
  • Rival Chess
  • Ronja
  • Swordfight
  • Talvmenni
  • Tiffanys
  • Tri-OS
  • Unidexter
  • WSpeirs Chess
  • Ziggy

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