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How can I post to this forum? (General)

by Ron @, Friday, March 13, 2009, 17:48


Due to the possibility of spam -- and the large amount of time it wastes deleting it -- all members must register before being able to post to this board. You do *not* have to register for reading the board, only for posting.

New members can register here and I will take a look at your info. If you do not appear to be a spammer I will activate your account for posting. In case I am not sure about you, I may send you an email. Please use a real name as your user name when registering. I will make exceptions for people who have well-known pseudonyms.

I am sorry, but all registered Computer-Chess Wiki people must register separately for this forum.

Problems or Suggestions

If you have any problems or suggestions you can email me at
Please use the subject line: "Computer-Chess Wiki Forum". I check this email account daily, but there are times when I am out of touch with the Internet, so please be patient.

Forum Categories

Please be careful which Category you are posting to. There are 5 Categories: General, Chess, Tournaments, Programming, and Updates. If you are not careful, your post may appear in the wrong Category.


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